The Second Act

The Second Act has seven rooms filled with consigned clothing for men, women, & children.

We accept new and gently worn clothes under a 50/50 consignment policy. No Appointment Necessary

In addition to carrying a broad selection of currently-styled clothing, the Second Act is Iowa City’s “Go to” store for all Ethnic and Vintage clothes from the 30’s through the 90’s, including authentic hats, shoes, ties, polyester, wigs, etc.

Featuring a YEAR-ROUND Costume Store with packaged and rental costumes for all ages. 100’s of awesome accessories!

26 thoughts on “The Second Act

  1. Do you have any costumes for A Christmas Carol? It would be marvelous if you let me know. Thanks so much. I love your website!!!

    • We do not have specific costumes for “A Christmas Carol” though we can probably help you put one together out of vintage clothing. Come in and have a look!

  2. I’m writing to ask if y’all take wedding dresses? I have a wededing dress of mine that I have been trying to get rid of but so man people it seems no longer take them. It’s still in the cleaners box even though my kids broke the seal cus I have boys god love em. GRRRRRRR Can you help me please? Then what would you give me for it? As I tried stuff and they don’t do it. Good will I won’t do that for how much I paid for it. I was told by my friends to come here that you all would take it. Look forwad to hearing from you. Thanks. K

    • We definitely take Wedding Dresses in good condition. If you bring it in we can give you an idea of what we can price it. Consigners are paid half the sale price of items.

    • We have an extensive selection of costumes and vintage clothing. You can call 319 338 8454 during the day and ask about specific items you might need.

  3. Do you guys have some 1950s ‘t.v.’ mom dresses? And do you all have reasonable prices? I’m looking for 2 or 3 dresses, and can’t spend a whole bunch.

    • I’m pretty sure we have a vintage ‘TV Mom’ dress. To find out about specific stock or available sizes, stop into the store or call at 319 338 8454

  4. When consigning items with you – when do we get our 50%? Do you base it off what you plan to sell the item for and pay when we drop it off, or only when you actually sell the item? If so how does that work? Thanks

    • You can receive the 50% share of the sale price when items are actually sold. Due to the large number of consignment items we take in, it can be several days before your items are marked and put out for sale, and once they’ve sold it takes a few days to post the items sold to your account. So it’s best to wait at least a few weeks before checking to see if you have money coming.

      Thank you for your interest in consigning!

  5. I am looking for an old western style dress , like what Miss Daisy wore in the Gunsmoke movies. something like that fashion. I wear a size 6, would you have anything in store like this and I not have to pay a fortune for it. It is for a gala to gain money for an organization to help children.

    Thank you,
    Regina Hall

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